Black Irish

Black IrishBlack Irish is a Detroit rock band based on Blues, Gospel, Rock and Groove Music. The band was formed on St. Patrick’s Day 2009 over some dark beer and an idea that they could build a band based on the songs as the focus, not the players. Black Irish consists of: Elliot Moses (Lead Guitar, Vocals,) Paul Barning (Vocals, Hammond B-3), Shane Sanders ( Guitars ), Jesse Wozniak (Bass Guitar ) and Tony “Chops” DiCello ( Drums & Percussion)

While the band has been called the “Next Big Thing” and “The Real Deal” by some of their musical idols: Jim McCarty & Johnny Bee ( Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, Cactus, The Rockets, Detroit, Howling Diablos ) they prefer to be looked at as a “True Authentic Detroit Rock ‘n’ Roll Band” who also incorporates elements of soul, jazz, and funk into their live shows. Black Irish also have an Allman Brothers esq. jam band-style improvisation, and are able to stretch their songs as however they are feeling them on the stage. Their influences range from Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin, Spooky Tooth, Classic Santana, Humble Pie, Cactus and more recently The Black Crowes just to name a few……..

The band has attained a real following of fans in a short time due to playing with some of their all-time idols in the music industry. Jeremy Spencer from the original Fleetwood Mac Blues Band ( Peter Greene era ) was absolutely blown away by one of their first performances. A couple months later saw the guys playing with Mitch Ryder. Then a sold out gig opening for The Hell Drivers helped cement Black Irish as Detroit’s best hope for a new generation of REAL AUTHENTIC ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. The summer of 2010 saw the band opening for the likes of major label friends Pop Evil, as well as every major music festival that was put on in Michigan to a resounding success. The Band is able to cross genres easily with their
talent and love for making music.